Dog Training Classes

Puppy Montessori– Our puppy program is designed to provide both mental and physical education in a fun and interactive way. We focus on confidence building, safe socialization and coordination development while giving your pup the basic understanding of each Level I behavior queue. (For puppies 8weeks to 6 months of age).


Obedience Level I– You and your dog will know and understand the basic principles of learning.      Each task must be held for a minimum of 5 seconds and a distance of 6’ (the length of the lead).


Obedience Level II-We apply Level I to added distractions physical, moving, auditory and environmental. *Increased minimum time duration of 10 seconds and a distance of 12’ (long line).


AKC Canine Good Citizen– This course will prepare you to pass the nationally recognized CGC test. This certificate shows the public that your dog passed a series of social tests and has been deemed safe to live in society. Some landlords and insurance companies take this into consideration when accepting applications and renting an apartment or home.


Therapy-This course will prepare you for any therapy dog evaluation test. We cover everything in Level II and CGC as well as wheelchair, cane, crutches, walker, and electric scooter desensitization.


Emotional Support-In this course you will learn how to evaluate behavior to determine if a dog has the right personality to become an emotional support dog. You will also learn how to train in a variety of settings while making your environment work for you instead of against you.


Intro to Agility-This an agility for fun class. You and your dog will be introduced to all of the AKC regulation obstacles.  We use guides to help the dog complete each obstacle with success and develop a positive association to the sport.


Intro to Scent & Nose Work- In this class you will learn the art of detection, how dogs use their nose and how to handle a working dog during a search. You will also be introduced to the AKC scent & nose work sport. See if your dog has what it takes to be a champion detection dog!


Lure Coursing- We use the lure course as a tool to counter-condition some aggression cases, fear cases and environmental reactivity. Lure coursing is also a wonderful outlet for dogs that love to run and chase. We are available for puppy parties, birthday parties and fund raisers. We run the dogs to dance music. It is an absolute blast!


Dog/Dog Introductions- We are here to help, many people get a new dog and do not know how to introduce other dogs. So many unnecessary dog fights happen due to improper introductions. At Zen K9 Obedience & Boarding we have safe and proven methods for introducing any dog to another dog in a professional manner.


Dog/Human Introductions- New edition to the family? Many people own dogs, then decide to have children. We are here to help create a new positive dynamic without creating jealousy and confusion for your dog.


New Home Introductions- Whether you are a first time dog owner or need to integrate multiple dog households, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Creating an environment that is conducive to the animals needs is imperative for a successful relationship.

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