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20 Years Experience Caring For Dogs

Zen K9 Obedience & Boarding is designed to give your beloved companion the confidence and skill set he or she needs to become a positive member of your family. We provide a safe home for your beloved pet while offering personalized attention and daily activities like lure coursing, group walks and interactive games to ensure your dog(s) have a wonderful time! Grounded in science, our training methods are all positive reinforcement based. If you are looking for a trainer who instills love, respect and understanding, you have come to the right place!


Real words from real customers!

First of all, thank you brother for the awesome job you have done in training Stan “The Man”.
We have had Stan for almost two months now. Wow, what an awesome Ranger buddy and family member he has become. It will be difficult for me to sum up all the ways that Stan has helped me with my PTSD and blessed our family…he is just that awesome!

James H. - United States Army December 6, 2017

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Zen K9, David Sanders

Hello! My name is David Michael Sanders, CPDT-KA, owner of Zen K9 Obedience & Boarding. Many years ago my grandmother bought me a Pit Bull/Boxer mix; from that day forward my life has been dedicated to the nurturing care and companionship of the domestic canine. I believe it is the intrinsic bond of trust, clear and consistent direction, combined with the reward he/she loves the most that gets a dog to perform. I have trained hundreds of dogs with tremendous success from incessant marking Maltese’s to 150lb male aggressive Mastiffs. I have used every technique available to me to make sure everything has been done to educate my clients and successfully train their dog/s.


The Zen K9 philosophy is based on Buddhism. The vast interconnectedness of affluent energy is the very fabric of relationships between man and beast, as well as our environment. Everything is connected; therefore, if we expect to change the behavior of our beloved companions, we too must change.

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